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Who is She?

Since 2014, Jisel Nunez has been one of the most successful professional freelance Makeup Artists in the Tri-State area. Her business Sweet Makeup Artistry LLC. has been rapidly growing, offering services such as everyday, special event, and bridal makeup. She trained with and also has been certified by Mario Dedivanovic, commonly known as “MakeupbyMario”. With the combination of her special talents along with the use of only high-end makeup, she is able to create absolutely stunning looks for all of her clients. Whether they prefer a natural look or something more glamorous, she is able to focus on accentuating their favorite features in the most beautiful way. Creating a comfort zone for all of her clients, she is able to envision and understand what exactly they are looking for and brings it to reality.


Growing up Jisel always enjoyed art, which allowed her to discover her passion and creativity through makeup. She grew a desire for wanting to learn everything that she could about it; whether it was following changing trends, studying new techniques, or always keeping an eye out on fresh product launches, she’s always up to date. With her constant studying she’s able to view makeup as an art and science combined; believing that when flawlessly applied, makeup can enhance anyone’s features to their full potential.


Jisel has a gift of seeing the beauty in every client and aims to help them see that beauty is not only external but also internal. By always having a positive mindset and a smile, she uses makeup not only to cover but to enhance, reveal, and shine a light on to her client's unique gorgeousness. She is able to create looks that are both stunning in person and in photographs... #NoFilter or Selfie Photoshopping is needed after a session with her!


Blessed is an understatement for how she feels while doing what she loves for her clients, which is making them feel more confident, empowered, and beautiful. If you’re looking for a mesmerizing makeup experience that will create a show-stopping look for your next big event, hire her as your makeup artist!


Client Review

"On any and every occasion I can count on Jisel to make me feel beautiful..she is literally the only make up artist to match my foundation to my skin tone. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is a perfectionist... you will not leave that chair unless everything is flawless. Thank you for always beating this face."





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