Meet Jisel


A creative artist who finds beauty in everything and everyone she meets and enjoys capturing and communicating that beauty through her art.

Jisel is a well-respected Makeup Artist particularly known for her deep expertise in the field and her artistic eye, which she uses to craft a personalized approach. She has the unique ability to understand precisely what her clients want and bring it to life through her own unique style. She's able to create beautiful looks because she understands not just what will look good, but what people need. She's versatile, able to adapt to any makeup style. Whether natural or glam, she will bring out your best features and create the look you are aiming for. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her use of high end makeup ensures that every look she creates is both stunning in person and on camera. When you come to Jisel for your makeup, you know that she'll leverage her expertise and eye for beauty to create something unique and perfect just for you.


Throughout her childhood, Jisel's fascination with the arts led her to explore her creativity in many ways, but it was through makeup that she discovered her passion. Through continuous studying and years of practice, she has come to see makeup as a combination of art and science. When applied effectively, it can really enhance a person's appearance.


Since becoming a freelance Makeup Artist in 2014, her business has rapidly grown, offering several services including everyday makeup, special events and weddings. She trained with and also has been certified by Mario Dedivanovic, commonly known as “MakeupbyMario”.


Jisel’s experience as a freelance Makeup Artist has made her one of the most successful & inspirational in the Tri-State area. Her work is highly sought after and she regularly offers courses for anyone wanting to master makeup application skills. Jisel is someone who enjoys making people feel beautiful, confident, strong, and empowered by doing what she loves. 


Client Review

"On any and every occasion I can count on Jisel to make me feel beautiful..she is literally the only make up artist to match my foundation to my skin tone. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is a perfectionist... you will not leave that chair unless everything is flawless. Thank you for always beating this face."







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